Disclaimer / Additional Information


We are not affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) or any other game developers licensed by SIE. This project is purely for preservation/educational purposes, and our team doesn't accept ANY forms of donations. All rights are reserved by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, as well as the respective third-party companies responsible for implementing content into the preserved games. PSONE is working on PS Games that has been shutdown, the usage of this software falling under abandonware due to the lack of copyright enforcement involving the tools. The online section of PS Games is protected by the laws implied by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 U.S. Code § 1201 for the purpose of preservation, education and public viewing as a museum effort. That the teams focus is to reproduce the functionality once accessible and hosted by Sony. Tools that are provided to us will be to our best ability given the utmost protection unless stated otherwise by the provider. Our focus is the protection of Sony copyright and intellectual property while following the goal of reproduction of online functionality, and do not claim any of this as our own.


In the progress of hosting these services we collect a number of data which might classify as personally identifying. This data is used to distinguish between individual users on the platform, as well as making development easier. This data is never shared with other parties. Purely informational data like logfiles of connections and interactions is deleted after 7 days. Persistent data which is required to run the platform is persisted until as long as the platform is up. You can at any point in time request the deletion of personal data by contacting one of the developers. By doing so you will however be unable to use any of our services. Depending on the game we will store one or more of the following data:

  • Client IP Address during a connection
  • User ingame name
  • User region/language at a country basis
  • Unique Console ID (PSID)
  • User ingame data (Messages, clans, etc.)