Who are we?

We are a group of developers, each with a different mindset and history, but with a common goal. We want to bring as many games as possible back online and at least replicate the feature set it had in the "good old times". If possible we will also add new features like integrations to messaging services or a web based activity overview.

How do you do this?

In 1872 a secret book was found in a maya temple, which amongst lots of recipes, contained a manual on how to summon the devil and get a free wish.

Nawww I am just joking. We do so by reverse engineering the protocol used by the games to communicate with there game servers. Once we get a basic understanding about whats happening we implement a proof of concept server and connect the game to it. Doing so usually gives us more information about the way the game works, which in turn is incorporated into the server. At some point we implement a proper server based on the information we found and work on improving the user experience.

Which games do you support?

We are working on multiple games concurrently and we are still in the process of getting information for most of them. However Warhawk is basically ready for Alphatesting and once it is open to the public we will refocus some of our resources to other games which are not ready yet.

When is game X ready?

Note that this is a hobby and we are not getting payed to work on this project. So please be patient until its ready.

Does it work with RPCS3?

Not yet. You will need a real PS3 to run the games, as RPCS3 is missing some of the PSN functions which are required by most games we intend to support. However there is work going on in order to fix those issues and we are working closely with the RPCS3 team to make sure the games work well once they implement it.

Do you support any PS2 titles?

Not yet, but we intend to and work on some of them.

What does it cost?

Nothing. We do not and will never take money for this service.

Can I pay you to prioritise X?


Can I donate to thank you?